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I'm impressed with the quick results he achieves and he explains it all quickly. Great workflow on the mix. Top 3 videos I've watched on macprovideo. VonGoG wrote on September 24, Great Course, Now is mixing a fun thing to do. Songs sounds better with these Plugins. Pat wrote on September 14, Komplete is amazing but it comes with some much, that these great mixing plugins can be overlooked and a bit mysterious. Oliv breaks them down in a easy and exciting way to use them properly. Trenton wrote on July 19, LaShawn wrote on July 16, This is a very good course to help you get familiar with and learn Native Instruments Komplete mixing plugins.

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We do not respond to this form! The Studio Effects Series by Native Instruments just got expanded with the Transient Master plug-in, which ought to be faithful to its inspiration made by SPL — the perfect occasion to try it out in its software version. Although the principles of controlling dynamics are easy to understand, dynamics processing is a field where the experience of the user is as important as the processor itself. Choosing compressors and similar tools for a setup or a mix can be a real pain because of the number of questions or problems that may arise.

When German manufacturer SPL launched the Transient Designer rack processor , many sound engineers in the music and movie industries as well as many musicians immediately saw it as the perfect solution to two very frequent problems: the attack due to too soft or harsh transients and the too long or too short sustain of a signal, especially for field recordings where you can't control natural reverberations. To achieve that, SPL and its senior engineer M. Tilgner who would later leave the company to start elysia and develop other famous compression tools envisioned a new analog technology based on VCAs and envelope generators, called Differential Envelope Technology, by cleverly and efficiently playing with addition or subtraction of both generators in order to boost or cut the attack and sustain.

But we won't dive deeper into details you can find very clear explanations on the manufacturer's website because the most important thing is the result and the incredible simplicity of the user interface: two controls, Attack and Sustain. It's now the turn for Native Instruments to present its own version, the Transient Master.

Native Instruments Studio Drummer UPDATE KONTAKT macOS Free Download

Logic Pro 9. As usual with Native Instruments, just download the Mac or PC version after buying it see NI's website , install and authorize via the Service Center with your serial number. After the installation, it was impossible to find the folder usually added to Native Instruments' directory to read the rather short user's manual. But you can download it from the product page on the manufacturer's website. You can use the plug-in within Guitar Rig Pro 5 or the free Guitar Rig 5 Player the free version includes an amp and several effects , and you will find it in the Dynamics category.

Drag and drop into the empty rack and it is immediately ready to use. The user interface is extremely simple, like the original, but with an additional Gain control inherited from the UA version and two additional Smooth and Limit buttons. Limit avoids clipping caused by level boosts of one of the two processed signal components. Smooth is more original: the processing has a smoother curve specially designed for distortion guitar. We started with a drum groove from a complete song already mixed. The single tracks were sent to several buses where we inserted the plug-ins so that we could switch quickly from one to the other.

Native Instruments Solid Mix Series Mk2 v1.0.0 - R2R [deepstatus]

We first tried to accentuate the attack of the drums. The integrated limiter was disabled and we inserted no processing in Logic's Master channel strip. Note that the CPU load is extremely low. Quick advise: like every compression set to boost the attack of the signal slow attack time on a compressor , no volume boost is possible if the original file already reaches the maximum below or equal to 0 dB.

As a consequence, it is normal that the subjective level after processing seems lower, in which case you should increase the monitoring volume in order to compare at the same subjective level. This is all the more important considering that the human ear is more sensitive to average level changes than to peaks. Luckily for us The settings and the behavior are slightly different on both processors.

2. Klanghelm IVGI (saturation/distortion)

Let's go on with the attack set to minimum. First with NI's plug-in.

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