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Because PowerPC is still running in my MAC

Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther and, Tiger. This problem stems from Apple mixing several different and conflicting elements from each version into one.

Revolutionary new product that lets you change the overall appearance of your Mac using 'themes'.

This, sadly, has resulted in a very inconsistent theme throughout the latter versions. This is really rather strange when you consider that Apple is famed for its design expertise, one that stresses simplicity and functionality above all. This problem is one that Apple states it will address and overcome in the next release of OS X, Leopard, which will pounce sometime this October. While we wait, with baited breath for Leopard, we do have alternatives, in the meantime.

ShapeShifter 2.5 for Mac OS X

It is clean and very professional looking and is as easy to install, just as is any other OS X program. What if you like the idea of having lots and lots of choices? I know, as I have suffered from the horrors of programs that mess around with the graphical core of OS X! Reinstalling your OS is hardly what I would call fun, so ShapeShifter is a breath of fresh air indeed. I, being somewhat lazy, have not yet personally tried using this program, but if your not satisfied with all of the many themes for ShapeShifter you can now try your hand at creating own!

This includes mix and matching various elements from any number of pre-existing themes! This is a sound customization program that I have used for years.

Log out and log back in under the Apple menu, choose Log Out user name to see the full effect. If you want to get back to your original look, click on Restore Defaults. Click on the Exclude List tab in the ShapeShifter preference pane and add the application to the list. This launches the guiTweak application, which lets you alter the color of any theme element.

Copy Command-C.

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Then click on the folder or file to which you want to assign this icon, press Command-I to open the Get Info window, click on the small icon image, and choose Edit: Paste Command-V. CandyBar can replace practically every icon on your computer, including system, volume, network, media, and application icons. You can pick and choose what type of icons you want to replace. Then drag and drop your new icon into the Documents well and click on Apply System Icons.

Extreme Mac makeover

You must provide an administrator password and then click on Relaunch Finder to apply your changes. Use these prepared packages of system icons to quickly revamp the look of everything from your external hard drives to your home folder.

Go to the Iconfactory to find more. Double-click on an iContainer file to populate all the wells in the CandyBar window with new icons.

Liger download for Mac | MacUpdate

Click on Apply System Icons, provide an administrator password, and click on Relaunch Finder to apply your changes. Browse the many Pixadex iContainers. Drag icons from Pixadex directly into CandyBar wells.

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After all, this image stares at you every morning after you turn on your computer. After you choose a folder of images, select this option and then pick a time frame—for example, every day or every five minutes—from the pop-up menu. Now your desktop picture will cycle through the folder of images. Click here for a workaround.

But what if you want to take your desktop to the next level? You can even get Automator involved.