How to play planetside 2 on mac without bootcamp

What can HD really play? Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Hardware Graphics Cards. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next Sort by votes. Oct 8, 1, 0 11, Okay, before you say "nothing, it's a POS", I am serious.

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Say you have a desktop or laptop with just built in Intel HD What games will you be able to play and on what settings. All the benchmarks I find they end up testing ridiculous settings like "Look it only gets 8fps on p high quality! But what about p low? Anyone have any experience here?

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Nov 5, 0 10, 8. Presumably low and p because that's all the card can manage, but it was very surprising. Other than that, I am unfamiliar with desktop HD performance. The iM that I have is a tiny bit lower in performance than the i And the Minecraft performance I told you was while the laptop was plugged in to the wall. ArcticWonder Distinguished. Dec 16, 0 18, 1. It really sucks. At least it did on one of my computers. Athlon II x2 3.

It would play Dead Island at all lowest settings including resolution and get fps. Nov 11, 2, 0 20, If your resolution of the screen is low enough there is actually quite a bit that HD can play with low to lowest settings that is. So the conclusion is that although it's pretty good for laptops, considering what they had before, it's a step in the right direction but still isn't even close to AMD's higher end A series. Aug 7, 1, 0 19, Feb 17, 0 18, 1.

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  • 2011 13" MacBook Pro [2nd,2C,M] + GTX 780 @ 10Gbps-TB1 (AKiTiO Thunder2) + Win10 [eox].

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2011 13" MacBook Pro [2nd,2C,M] + GTX 780 @ 10Gbps-TB1 (AKiTiO Thunder2) + Win10 [eox]

Sep 27, 8, 0 26, Very true, a lot of people assume laptop and desktop chips are same, and vendor perpetuate this myth. Onus :. You'd be able to play the original Guild Wars with enjoyable settings at p, but Guild Wars 2 would be "sufferable" at best.

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FPS titles tend to be even more demanding. Jun 28, 0 10, 6. Good answers, thanks. I actually was thinking laptops. I kinda wanted to get a Intel based ultrabook for my daughter, and she doesn't play many games, but I was just wondering what I might expect. Sometimes I'll get strange graphics corruption and will have to fully power down, pull the power plug, wait for a moment, re-plug and boot and it usually disappears.

The only thing you will not get is the Apple Boot screen. I only miss being able to select other drives to boot if there is an issue with something.

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We will see if Apple delivers on a new Mac Pro this year or if we'll be making Hackintoshes sigh. I have no qualms about going to Nvidia, for sure.

The only real reason I had considered the was due to already having a I was thinking that setting up a hypervisor and running Linux and Windows side by side would be easier with two cards from the same manufacturer. But with the MP I'll only care about the one main card anyway, so Nvidia is good to go.

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If I want to set up Windows in Boot Camp which I will for the occasional game fix , is it enough to just use the Boot Camp Sys Prefs to tell it to reboot into Windows, and not have to worry about using the boot menu? I've been holding off on I don't like the trend of locking things down with the gatekeeper thing, but at least for this version it can still be turned off. I really hope they continue to leave that setting available So I'm thinking newish GTX6xx I have one power cable from the , so I may need to research which cards only need one, might have to stay in the 5xx range, or get another power cable, that could work too.

Or I could use the for troubleshooting in the MP, but then I'd definitely need another power cable or power supply Heya, Definitely no problem to leave your GT in the second slot from the bottom and swapping DVI cables if you want to specify another boot drive when you power on. I have Windows 7 setup via Bootcamp to play a few games Planetside 2 at the moment. The only occasional problem I get is that Windows seems to things it's not genuine it is. However after I reboot the message is gone. Don't know why it takes so long but I can easily leave the room for two minutes before it comes to life.

Mountain Lion is working fine. Click off the gatekeeper thing and away you go. There are lots of places to get the video cable for the card. You can either adapt a four pin-molex to the 6 pin and come out of the optical bay or get the motherboard cable from vendors such as eBay. Holding off on the video card upgrade for the moment. I almost went for a but can't find any solid information on whether it's natively supported by OS X like the ti is.

I know the Nvidia drivers are probably out there, latest I could find was 3. Thanks again for all the info. I've got this thread bookmarked to check back in when I do go for the video card upgrade. Might be looking at an SSD upgrade for my MacBook after this is all said and done, and replacing the optical drive with my current GB for extra storage.

Goddamn upgrade bug hits hard when it hits. There's an update to the whole GPU situation I found interesting, tying into another reason to hope for a real Mac Pro update. Not default for a while due to legacy boards, but it probably will become so.

So awesome right? A vast range of cards will become available and work perfectly! Not so fast I'm afraid. In a somewhat ironic turn of events, after years of being ahead in terms of firmware it is now Mac users at least for Mac Pros that are firmly behind. The Mac Pro of course, the only system that could actually use another graphics card in the first place.

So once again Apple dodged a bullet, they almost accidentally created a world where their MP users could actually have a wide selection of competitive graphics cards available.

Apple support? And that would in turn fix one of the longest standing issues in history of upgradeable Macs, right before the end if nothing else. Oh, for the love of! I know we do not speak of "the Mac that shall not be named" but good lord, I wish it existed. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll keep my 4,1 firmware updated for at least another year.

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You may be confusing different things here. In terms of the systems themselves shipping Macs have never used a BIOS, and the firmware on the graphics card is a separate story. Graphics card manufacturers themselves can handle that internally, it's not what's presented to the system. No, some PC cards work on the Mac recently because the drivers are specifically capable of handling them. Most used to not work at all, or not without a significant amount of effort including reflashing the card.

Yeah, it's a bummer. Resale might mitigate the pain a little though, not like a 4,1 has no value.