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Salinger, not The Catcher in the Rye but one of his other novels. There are of course newer English-language titles as well—I think I noticed something by Geri Halliwell, formerly of the Spice Girls—and the usual array of Western classics and pulp fiction in translation. As I noted in a previous post , this was one of the key books missing from my collection of war writings by Vietnamese authors. The introduction draws strong parallels between the misplaced optimism of the French generals in the Ist Indochina War and their American counterparts 10 years later in the early- to mids.

As I left, the proprietors let me know that the shop will only be open at this location for one more month.

They need to move by then and do not yet have a new location identified. So if you are in HCM City, think about passing by while you have the chance. The main characters in the book are Helen and Sam both Americans and Linh Vietnamese , who work together as photojournalists based in Saigon. She mentioned that the book—which she basically liked—is mostly very well researched, but that the extensive bibliography contains very few works written by Vietnamese authors.

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Apparently there is a similar situation in French, with literally hundreds of books on the battle of Dien Bien Phu but only a handful of works by Vietnamese authors. After the review went up, as well as a related post on her regular site, Chris asked me what books by Vietnamese authors I would suggest on the war.

It was a fair question given our previous discussion, and it certainly got me thinking. And most questions worth thinking about are complex, right? Conclusions on wars, and on this war in particular, are so contested that i think the only valid option is to expose yourself to lots of different perspectives and build up a gradual and inevitably incomplete picture, holding each individual account pretty lightly while slowly and gently sifting through facts and opinions to build a kind of composite and often contradictory working model. It would also include both unreservedly positive accounts of the victory of the NLF and PAVN, the liberation of Saigon and the reunification of the country, and equally polarized views of the defeat of the southern forces, the fall of Saigon and the loss of the country.

And, hopefully, more reflective works from the range of perspectives listed above, including Vietnamese voices from within the country as well as from the diaspora in America, Australia, Canada, France and elsewhere.

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One thing I realize is that a lot of my own perspective on the war has been reached kind of obliquely. What I mean is that reading, for example, about Vietnam in the s, or about the period from in Hanoi, or the basically sincere propaganda from reunified Vietnam in the late s and damning accounts of the same period from abroad, has informed my views of the context for war and the experience of the periods of war themselves.

Much more than reading about battles or strategy, and probably at least as much as accounts of political decision-making or everyday life during the war. Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to take a look over my own collection and to list out what I find there, limiting myself to books directly about or largely set during the war itself, written by Vietnamese authors and published in English.

So what is missing from my shelves?

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A detailed article on that book is available here. There must be others as well. His works have come in for some criticism, but still form part of the overall mix. While preparing this entry, I also came across references to some other English translations of non-fiction works published in Vietnam, including:. That pretty much ends my list. In addition to various memorial concerts including one in HCM City with the participation American singer Bob Dylan, a street in Hue was named after the composer and at least three commemorative books were released including a collection of his love letters.

Tributes were also made in March to two very different Vietnamese literary figures who recently passed away, both of whom seemed to have had profound—though quite different—impacts on many interested in Vietnamese literature, literary criticism and philosophy. It conveys the sense of an always politically correct literature, averse to risk taking and unconventional innovation. That term has become part of the nomenclature of Vietnamese literature.

There are few cases in the annals of the history of literature in which, by inventing one single neologism, a writer creates a school of literary criticism all his own. Despite never graduating from high school, he was considered an influential interpreter of Western philosophy and Buddhism in southern Vietnam through his writings and poetry.

The following information on recent publications is mostly taken from publishers, with apologies for translation errors and editorializing. Please let me know of important stuff that I have missed or other corrections via the comments function. After , she and her husband chose to remain in Saigon.

It tells the story of 31 young boys aged 13 and 14 years old who acted as messengers in the war against France. I suppose the men of Paris can now expect a similar visitation of Vietnamese women. And the men of Venice as well.


This one channels the famous romance of the canals and gondolas of the city. Currently producing what seems like one or two books each month, the author apparently writes in a casual and light style. The settings of her books would be familiar to Vietnamese people who have had the opportunity to study in Europe.

This story from Saigonese mids copywriter and author Ploy was apparently first published online on her blog. And so on.

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But there is still a final secret to be revealed. Perhaps for this reason he writes about his latest work that many people have told him that if he is unable to get his work printed, he should just leave it for his grandchildren to publish in another time. However he rejects this, proclaiming that the life of a writer is meaningless if his books are not read. Couples having sex. Dead things. Journal of Virology, Jun, Vol. Pediatric Nephrology, Jun, Vol. Pediatrics International, Jun, Vol. Emergency Medicine Australasia, Jun, Vol. By: Nguyen Tran Lam. By: Vu Hong Phong. By: Quach, Trang. By: Vu Song Ha.

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By: Lamb, C. Finney; Phelan, C.. By: Lan, P. Sexually Transmitted Infections, Apr, Vol. Vaccine, Mar, Vol. By: Leshkowich, Ann Marie. By: Hoa, Dinh P. Acta Paediatrica, Feb, Vol. Burns , Feb, Vol.

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By: Jacoby, A. Dang; Wu, J. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, Nov, Vol. By: Cong, Nguyen Huu. International Journal of Stroke, Nov, Vol.

By: Otchere, S. By: Nguyen, Tuyen; Yoshioka, Marianne.