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The program's interface is very simple, and with only two buttons we will be capable of improving the general appearance of our music library.

How to make an album cover for free?

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Get Album Artwork on iTunes

Author Amphonic Designs. Updated Over a year ago. Last revision This year. CopyTrans TuneSwift 2. These steps will help you get album artwork for your iTunes library. It's not very hard is it?

What if your music collection looked as good as it sounds?

Download the app today and start sorting and managing your iTunes library right away! It's really a frustration that all of my downloaded and CD-ripped songs are without essential tags like album art, name, genre, artist, etc.

But thanks to this app, all of my songs have been well tagged. Wonderful assistant to make my daily music browsing less of a hair-pulling experience.

Cool and useful iTunes alternative! This Album Artwork Finder program helps me to complete the music information.

TuneUp | Fix Mislabeled Song Info, Add Album Art & More

This app finds out these music files and complete the information. How to get album artwork on iTunes automaticlly?

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  • Free Cover Art Downloaders for Your Digital Music?

This way when you go to use the program again, it will scan for any new songs you have added to your iTunes library since the previous launch. Step 2.

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  5. Download Cover Art from the iTunes Store?
  6. Begin to Fix The iTunes Album Artwork Finder will automatically scan your iTunes music files to show which songs have incomplete tags; you will find this list in the 'Songs Without Album Artwork' category. Now you simply click 'Fix All' and it begins fixing each music file. Once it's done, it will display any 'unrecognizable songs' if there are any in your library.

    From here you can manually check the music file and click 'Edit' to open the editor, where you can then manually drag the artwork to the appropriate music files.