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Your work is truly amazing.

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I'm always customizing my Windows and your work will be used a lot by me. Keep up the great work my friend. You are awesome!!!! Thank you so much, glad you like it. No one have this kind of problem except you! You make a lot of wonderful themes. So it is sometimes hard to decide which one to use. This one looks fantastic.

How do you like it? Man i am totally speechless! No worries these modifications are for personal use only. No problem my friend. Awsome work. I am gonna use it for a long time as it looks so beautiful. Keep it up bro.

"Sierra" Visual Style for Windows 7 FINAL.

Waiting to see more of your themes. Take care.

You are very welcome, thank you. Well, I can't understand what you are trying to say! Do I need to update to latest version of theme or Windows? Windows 10 build How do I get rounded borders? Also do the ExplorerFrame and shell32 files work on build ?

Just apply the theme and you get the rounded borders. The Theme works fine and looks very clean, but sadly I now get an error 0xcb when trying to start some programs. Update: copying the dll files from the 32Bit folder into SysWOW64 seem to fix the error but the theme doesn't look right anymore. Well, finally understand your problem. Qandarian Featured By Owner Sep 10, Why do you ask?


Just curious, do your Win 10 styles needs to be updated for the Anniversary Edition or they're just fine using such versions? All my Windows 10 themes needs to be updated for the Anniversary Edition and they are coming next month. I see. Sorry, bro, it seems to be a lot of work for you. I know but i can do it. Thanks for updating my friend. Gonna use it asap. Your themes are the best around DA. You are very welcome Peter.

U're so great, Bro. Thanks for the comments. Prev 1 2 Next. More from sagorpirbd.

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Featured in Collections Themes by josemau Desktop Decorated by hdpa. Customization by Ton-K View More. More from DeviantArt. DevAsians Asian Artists United! Will return to default position after the next start of the viewer. How to use: You need Samurize to use this deviation. If you don't already have it, get it here www. Install Samurize in compatibility mode or you will get an error message. Otherwise the bar appears,but it will not work because of the UAC. If you use a 64 bit Windows act like tis: Rightclick the install. Save and okay. Doubleclick the install. Samurize sometimes has probs to interprete x That's all.

Watch it in motion here youtu. Fast installation guide: Install Samurize. Copy and paste the complete folder of this deviation to the same place. Run client. Featured on the best german customization webpage Deskmodder. Only for pix screenwidth atm. Other files are still the versions without it. Updated graphics and more. Add a Comment:. Load All Images.

Mac os theme windows 10 deviantart

Says Samurize isn't for windows Murimoney Featured By Owner Apr 3, When i download that, it gives me the finder bar. But where is the dock or the icons or anything? So I did everything following the instruction in the readme file but nothing happened. I was going to try this but then uploaded the "samurize Uninstalled but some of the icons have not changed back to their default.

Part 1. Download and Change iTunes Skins in Windows

How do I get back to the default windows 10 icons? I have some questions: 1 How did you make the folders minimize, maximize, close buttons to appear on the left? There is no dock, no icons, nothing else. Do I have to install a skin in order to have the result from your pictures and video? Thanks in advance! So, are you saying that if my monitor is running x I won't be able to get all the extra stuff for the finder bar?